Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools

NS Math Circles is expanding to include Elementary Schools!

The below is a list of presentations appropriate for elementary school classes, in alphabetical order. If you would like us to come and give any of these presentations in your classroom for free, please use the contact form on the School Visits page.

Exploding Buckets

Grade: 2-3
We explore a classic problem of placing numbers into buckets. Be careful though: a bucket will explode if two numbers add to a third number in the same bucket (ex: 1+2 = 3 KABOOM!). How many numbers can you place into two buckets without the buckets exploding? Three buckets?


  • TBA

This presentation can also be done with a grade 1 class as long as your students can add up to 20.

Exploring Mathematics

Grade: 2-3
Explore mathematics with a series of small problems which investigate geometry, arithmetic, map colourings and pattern recognition.


  • TBA

This presentation is currently undergoing trials. If you are willing to host a trial-run in your classroom, please contact us.

Jury Duty

Grade: 4-6
A crime has been committed! By exploring various areas of mathematics, such as logic, graph theory, cryptography and more, we will see if we can put the guilty party behind bars!


  • Use math to solve problems that seem to have unpredictable solutions.
  • Attempt to think outside the box to solve math problems.
  • Determine and explain strategies for solving problems or winning games.
  • Apply logic to solve problems.
  • Learn how to eliminate possible solutions to a problem.
  • Introduction the mathematical areas that are currently studied: graph theory, cryptography, logic, algebra, and number theory.


Grade: 3-6
Can you always correctly guess someones birthday, magically untie yourself from ropes, or read someones mind? You should be able to! It is not magic, it's math.


  • Finding patterns in sets of numbers.
  • Mental math skills and applying these to concrete problems.
  • Use spatial skills to solve problems.

The grade 3-4 version of this presentation is currently undergoing trials. If you are willing to host a trial-run in your classroom, please contact us.

Problem Solving

Grade: 4-6
Explore the art of problem solving by investigating tiling problems, number games and graph theory problems.


  • Use logic to solve "hidden" math problems.
  • Real life applications of math.


Grade: 4-6
We will explore geometry in artwork and nature through tessellations. We will look at the work of artist who used mathematics to enhance their work and even create some of our own tessellation artwork!


  • Learn to use geometry knowledge and apply it to a historical math problem.
  • Application of math to art.

If there is a topic you'd like to see a presentation on, but we do not have it in our list yet, just let us know and we will create one!

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